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You only need two types of bodybuilding exercises to craft a really effective routine. Efficiency is a thing of beauty,Bodybuilding, Health and Fitness. Free Fitness Tips Articles unless you actually prefer to spend half your life at the gym, breathing sweaty air, and getting frustrated when you don’t get results. Use your brain before your brawn, and you’ll work smarter and see success sooner. It’s been a few years since I step on a bodybuilding stage (15years) but one of the tools I used for success in competition was visualization. Most bodybuilders don’t apply this technique to their training but it really makes a difference in not just your confidence but also you physical performance.We have all heard how Michael Jordan used to imagine himself making the game winning shoot every night and I think it goes without saying that many teams tried to keep the ball away from Michael Jordan because of it. His visualizing making that shot was only a mental formality that his body had to play out. The shot became very easy because he made it again and again and again in his mind. So there were no problems with him making it again with the ball.Pre-workout VisualizationThere are a number of visualization techniques that can be used in bodybuilding and fitness. The first is what I call pre-workout visualization. In this technique I actually see myself doing my sets each one individually, rep by rep. I know how many reps I would like to compete for each set, then visualize myself doing that number of reps with a slightly heavier than normal weight than I would have before.When it comes time to actually do that set with the given reps and weight, I have already done it in my mind and amazingly can most of the time complete it in the physical.Now this is not some mystic mumble jumble it works because you mind is already prepared for the task at hand!Contest VisualizationWhen preparing for a contest I use a slightly different method of visualization, I’ve found this to be exceptionally effective in preparing for a contest, especially in respect getting out the pre contest jitters.I visualize my body in comparison with other competitors, me actually receiving the first place trophy, and even my diet and other training events, but I always visualize myself as the greater than I already am.I visualize my diet for that week I even visualize myself turning down bad food choices from family and friends, and only accepting the healthy muscle building selection.If you know where the competition is go there and look at the event area and imagine the lights the crowds, all cheering for you. Make the atmosphere as positive for you as possible, then go home and visualize the competition as you would like it to be, and don’t be afraid to embellish a little..If you can’t get to event because of distance than get pictures of it off the internet and use those picture to form you imagination.The last thing to do is get to the event center early while they are setting up for the show ask which trophies are for the class you are competing in and visualize yourself receiving the trophy again.I sometime actually talk to the trophy, telling it that its coming home with me, and telling it how honored that I am to be competing for such a great trophy.This may sound crazy and you will seem some what cocky around others but you will is dianabol a steroid live up to your own expectations and greater than you can ever expect from yourself.Visualize every day and whenever you feel down or fat of unmotivated or just plain tired visualize your success and you will get it!The Process of VisualizationBefore you visualize you must be quiet! Now this is not the absence of noise but the calming of your mind and spirit. This is very similar to mediation or praying in the presence of God, so don’t be shocked it you find a new desire to re-unite with God. Or if you are already a practicing Christian you may find yourself understanding the wisdom of God at a more personal level.Take a deep breath and hold it until you can hold it no longer but when you release it do is smoothly and controlled, breath normally. I know many people that are into the breath counting but I find this relaxes me much faster than breath counting, or emptying the mind or any of that Zen Buddha stuff.I would look at a photo of the event center first this put thing into real perspective. Then I close my eyes and visualize what I want to happened during the contest. The more detailed you visualize the better the chances are you will experience the success you desire.Go through the pre-judging, comparison, evening show, your posing routine and even the crowds standing ovations after your routine. Leave nothing to chance and do visualize often once a day at lease maybe more if you need to.With the introduction of every imaginable new drug and supplement in the sports of bodybuilding and fitness, I think the use of visualization is an amazing simple process that doesn’t cost a dime and will yield the results like you never thought possible.Your diet will really depend on what you want to achieve, how fit you are and how much you weigh at present etc. A fitness instructor who will guide you through what you should and shouldn’t be consuming should really look this at. If you want to really bulk up and build your muscles, then you will increase your carb intake. If on the other hand, toning is what you want, then decrease your carbs and increase your protein.If you’re using bodybuilding for fitness then you should see results fairly quickly as long as you balance your diet and exercise as recommended by your instructor or by the bodybuilding routine you have set yourself. So start today and don’t put it off any longer!

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